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Label: Prion - PR 32-41 • Format: 10x, Cassette Limited Edition C60 • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: Experimental, Ambient, Drone
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The first depiction of this constellation in a celestial atlas was in Johann Bayer 's Uranometria of Musca remains below the horizon for most Northern Hemisphere observers. Many of the constellation's brighter stars are members of the Scorpius—Centaurus Associationa loose group of hot blue-white stars that appears to share a common origin and motion across the Milky Way. Two further star systems have been found to have planets.

The constellation also contains two cepheid variables visible to the naked eye. Theta Muscae is a triple star system, the brightest member of which is a Wolf—Rayet star. Musca was one of the 12 constellations established by the Dutch astronomer Petrus Plancius from the observations of the southern sky by the Dutch explorers Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser and Frederick de Houtmanwho had sailed on the first Mono - Tesendalo - Musca trading expedition, known Mono - Tesendalo - Musca the Eerste Schipvaartto the East Indies.

A celestial globe by Willem Blaeu depicts it as providing nourishment for the nearby constellation Chamaeleon —its tongue trying to catch the insect. The French explorer and astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille called it la Mouche on the version of his planisphere of the southern skies. Today, the name is simply Musca. Musca is bordered by Crux to the north, Carina to the west, Chamaeleon to the south, Apus and Circinus to the east, and Centaurus to the northeast.

Lacaille charted and designated 10 stars with the Bayer designations Alpha to Kappa in He catalogued stars that became Lambda and Mubut did not designate them as he considered them informes as they lay outside the asterism proper. Baily considered them part of Musca, and Gould gave them their Bayer designations. Francis Baily also dropped Kappa, which he felt was too faint to warrant a name, and designated two adjacent stars as Zeta 1 and Zeta 2. Lacaille had originally labelled the fainter one as Zeta, while Baily presupposed he had meant to label the brighter one.

Reluctant to remove Lacaille's designation, he gave them both the Zeta designation. The pattern of the brightest stars resembles that of Ursa Minorin that the stars form a pattern reminiscent of a bowl with a handle.

Lying around light-years away, it is a blue-white star of spectral type B2IV-V that is around times as luminous and 8 times as massive as the Various - Discomania Mix 4. The star is a Beta Cephei variable with about 4.

It is a variable of a different type, classed as a slowly pulsating B stara type of variable. They are eight Mono - Tesendalo - Musca six times as massive as the Sun, respectively, and have about 3. Delta and Epsilon mark the fly's left Mono - Tesendalo - Musca and right wing, respectively.

It was a star originally 1. Located near Alpha is R Muscae[16] a classical Cepheid variable ranging from apparent magnitude 5. If the system's estimated distance from Earth is accurate, the binary stars are about 0. The stars are so close that they are in contact with each other overcontact binary and are classed as a Beta Lyrae variable as their light varies from Earth as they eclipse each other. The two orbit each other every 1. The white dwarf accumulates Mono - Tesendalo - Musca from its companion star via its accretion disc.

After a certain amount has accumulated, the star erupts, as it did inreaching a magnitude of 7. Three star systems have been discovered to have Mono - Tesendalo - Musca. It has a planet HD b around 6. It has a substellar companion calculated to have a mass 9. The globular cluster NGC near Gamma Muscae is fainter and likewise partially obscured by dust, but spans more arc minutes.

Its extremely low metallicity indicates it is very old—one of the oldest clusters in the Milky Way. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Musca constellation. This article is about the Mono - Tesendalo - Musca constellation. For the biological genus, see Musca genus. For other uses, see Musca disambiguation. List of stars in Musca. See also: List of stars in Musca. The Constellations. International Astronomical Union.

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Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley. Deep-Sky Companions: Southern Gems. Nebulae and How to Observe Them. Musca category. Musca constellation. The 88 modern constellations.


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  1. Mono Music is a Swedish record label, established in by former ABBA member Benny Andersson.. The Mono Music offices as well as the Mono Music studio, which is mainly used for mixing sessions, are located on the island of Skeppsholmen in central sailasaxewalkerkazijar.infoinfoly, a new recording studio has been built next to the existing Mono Music buildings, called Rixmixmingsverket.
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  3. The latest Tweets from Mono-Musica(モノムジカ) (@mono_musica). ミュージカルグループMono-Musica(モノムジカ)。年結成。都内にて、独自の世界観に基づいた《女性キャストだけのオリジナルミュージカル》を上演する劇団です。 次回予定: 「BLACK SANTA GIRL」年12月13日(金)日(日)@池袋オペラハウス Followers: 4K.
  4. Musca (Latin for "the fly") is a small constellation in the deep southern sky. It was one of 12 constellations created by Petrus Plancius from the observations of Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser and Frederick de Houtman, and it first appeared on a celestial globe 35 cm (14 in) in diameter published in (or ) in Amsterdam by Plancius and Jodocus sailasaxewalkerkazijar.infoinfociation: /ˈmʌskə/, genitive /ˈmʌsiː/.
  5. Based on the basic elements that shape up mononome’s sound, multiple drum break layers, heavy bass lines, melodic brass and vocals get tied together in order to create a nostalgic trip through groove. The cycle has closed. Every end is a new beginning. Like a phoenix from the ashes, you shall rise to be reborn once again.

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