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Label: ZYX Records - CD 9080,Galaxis - GLX 9080 • Series: New Beat - Edit 1 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: Acid, New Beat, Industrial
Download Isnt It Crazy - Various - New Beat - Edit 1

Donkey Kong as Donkey Kong Isnt It Crazy - Various - New Beat - Edit 1 Kong is one of the central characters in the Donkey Kong franchise, being Donkey Kong 's paternal figure. He has been remarked, especially in the Rare -made games, for breaking the fourth wall and constantly complaining and rambling, although he proves to be a helpful sage in many situations, having been shown to possess much knowledge about the current location and its history and secrets.

He is also currently a widower, as his wife Wrinkly Kong is deceased. He is the elderly form of the original Donkey Kong from the Donkey Kong arcade game[4] and can be described as argumentative, old, and bad-tempered. Cranky has been playable in four games, including Japan-only games. His abilities and health vary greatly in games, sometimes being unable to walk without two canes, while other times being just as athletic as the other Kongs.

Cranky Kong is the original Donkey Kong from the arcade games. During his youthful prime, Cranky Kong kidnapped Paulinewas kidnapped and trapped in a cage by Marioand even battled Stanley in a greenhouse. He also implies in one of his lectures to his grandson that his kidnapping Pauline was consistent enough that he did so "seven days a week. He retired after he relinquished the name to his grandson. Cranky's first appearance as "Cranky Kong" was in Donkey Kong Countryin which he lives in a slightly rundown shack known as " Cranky's Cabin ".

From here, Cranky gives randomly selected advice on the game's various items and locations, mostly pertaining to the first few levels, to the new Donkey Kong and his friend Diddy Kong.

Unlike in the sequels, Cranky asks no fee for his advices and can be consulted as many times as the player desires to. He also appears in the opening cutscene before the title screen of the original SNES version, where he operates a phonograph, playing the theme song from the original Donkey Kong arcade game, before Donkey Kong disrupts his session by knocking him aside and dancing to a remixed version of the song Cranky was playing on the phonograph, which plays on a boombox he drops nearby.

In the Game Boy Advance version, Cranky appears after each boss battle to provide commentary. It appears as though, through his further aging, it has become more difficult to walk, as he stands with two canes.

Once again, Cranky will give out information, this time for a price. In this game, Cranky also scatters several DK Coins throughout the game's various levels. Once Kaptain K. In the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 2Cranky's role remains relatively the same as in the original game, although it was slightly expanded with a new sidequest.

Cranky bought a racing ostrich he named Expressowhich the Kongs can bulk up using Golden Feathers and race against An Cat Dubh - U2 - BBC College Concert ostriches to try and achieve trophies in exchange for rewards from Cranky. Roolensteinresulting in Dixie and Kiddy Kong approaching him ominously while he tries to avoid an inevitable Back To Noise - Babe Florida - Vol.

1 by putting on glasses. At the end of the post-game cutscene, Cranky will appear in the background doing a few water-skiing tricks behind Funky Kongwho pulls him with a motorboat. In addition, a picture of Cranky Kong over a white background hangs from a wall in Wrinkly's Save Cave.

In Cranky's Dojo, players gain the ability to play as a shield-wielding Cranky during a Bristles dodging minigame. Cranky's Dojo minigame must be beaten at least once to gain a Banana Bird. At Cranky's Lab, the Kongs can pay Professor Cranky for several potions that can give them new powers and abilities. Also, if the Kongs manage to collect fifteen Banana Medalshe will allow them to play Jetpacthe first published computer game of Ultimate Play The Game Rare's direct predecessor.

The Kongs must beat the Jetpac game in order to obtain the Rareware Coin. Cranky also acts as the Kongs' coach during their boxing match against King Krusha K. In the game, he runs a shop in each world and will often make sarcastic remarks over what Donkey and Diddy Kong buy. Aside from Donkey and Diddy, Cranky is the only Kong from the original trilogy to make a return appearance.

According to him, the reason he made the shop was because his pension was revoked, so he has to sell things to make money. To buy things in Cranky Kong's shop, the player needs to have Banana Coins. In his shop, there are Extra Life Balloons bundled into groups of 1, 3, and 7 balloons.

There is also a Heart Boostwhich gives Donkey or Diddy the ability to have three hearts Isnt It Crazy - Various - New Beat - Edit 1 the duration of one level, Banana Juicewhich gives limited invincibility, and Squawks the Parrotwho helps the Kongs collect undiscovered Puzzle Pieces in levels. There is also a key for sale, which gives access to the locked path in each world. Cranky Kong appears as a playable partner character in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freezemarking the first time he is fully playable in a Donkey Kong Country game his role as shopkeeper filled by Funky Kong.

Cranky is able to use his cane to bounce upward, as well as on spikes, and defeat certain enemies that the other Kongs cannot. His cane can also be utilized while underwater to attack and take down enemies that cannot be defeated by a simple corkscrew move, such as Pufftups and Sea Urchins.

Despite the cane's capabilities, it cannot be used to collapse unsound The Key, The Secret - Godknows and Galinero - Chartbusters Megamix 1993 structures, balancing it in relation to the corkscrew action. Cranky's Denture Popgun has unlimited ammo of dentures, which can Darlin Dont Come Back - Dorsey Burnett* With The Crystal Palace Band - Country Western Jubilee: Li shot at enemies in order to stun them for a brief period of time.

Cranky's use of his cane as a pogo stick to attack enemies is similar to the method of attack used by Scrooge McDuckthe main protagonist of Disney's DuckTalesin a video game adaptation of his show that Capcom produced for the NES in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is the only game of the series where Cranky does not have any written dialogue. He is the first one to discover that King K. Rool has stolen the Kongs' Banana Hoard, which follows the story of the game.

Cranky's appearance in the comic differs slightly from Intro - Scum - Your Gun standard look, as he is wearing a blue shirt instead of a gray or brown one. It was his idea to carry on negotiations with the aliens so they would release the Earth. The President of the United States puts a space shuttle at the Kongs' disposal, and Cranky is the one to navigate it. When their mission succeeds, he navigates the space shuttle back to Earth, where the Kongs are being hailed by the people.

Euphorically, Cranky tries to kiss a random girl, much to her disgust. After returning to their jungle, Cranky gets in trouble with his wife Wrinkly because of this. During the events of this story, Cranky did not show much of his grouchy traits as often discovered in the games, but instead appears as a helpful person.

While Cranky does not appear in any of the Donkey Kong Land games, the instruction booklet for the first Donkey Kong Land explains that the game happens owing to Cranky. Jealous of Donkey and Diddy's victory over King K. Rool once again, this time on an 8-bit systemhe will admit that they are adequate gaming heroes.

In the end, Cranky retracts his doubts when Donkey and Diddy once again defeat K. Rool and the Kremling Krew. Additionally, the instruction booklet for Donkey Kong Land 2 accidentally states that "Even old Cranky charges for his words of wisdom", having copied and Isnt It Crazy - Various - New Beat - Edit 1 the line directly from the Donkey Kong Country 2 manual. At the beginning of the novel Cranky Kong expresses his disapproval about Diddy Kong flying in Funky Kong 's barrel planecomplaining that "if apes were meant to fly, they'd have wings", and "there's nowhere any self-respecting ape would want to go that he can't get to on his own two hairy feet".

After Funky Kong leaves in his plane, the Kongs find that he has accidentally left his walkie talkie with Donkey Kong. Trying to contact him, the Kongs hear that his plane is being attacked by " flying pigs " near Big Ape City, and that he's going to crash. Donkey Kong and Diddy immediately decide to travel to the city on foot.

Cranky Kong doubts that they are capable, although he wishes to join them so that they don't have to "go off on another adventure alone".

After reaching Tree Top Town on the edge of the jungle, Cranky Kong trips over Isnt It Crazy - Various - New Beat - Edit 1 vine after insisting to take the lead, which triggers an alarm that alerts the Kremlings. Attacking alongside Donkey Kong and Diddy, Cranky uses his cane to slam several Kremlings on their feet, which sent them Fugue En Ré Majeur (II, 5.

BWV 874) Clavecin - J.S. Bach* - W.A. Mozart* / Lionel Rogg - Quatuor Bul into the bushes". An illustration also shows him swinging on a vine. Cranky says to Donkey Kong that "I haven't been here since I was your age[ They find that the city has been overrun by Kremlings, who are building a large factory.

Cranky Kong notably complains several times, being reluctant to continue while they are trying to locate Funky Kong's prison cell. While battling some Kremlings who had heard the loud explosion, Kritter tries to take Cranky Kong hostage.

He shouts "stop your assault or the old ape gets it! After Funky's plane is found in the factory's cargo room, Donkey Kong and Diddy both leave to retrieve a part to repair the plane, and to turn off the factory's defense system. Cranky Kong is left to keep Funky Kong company while he repairs Isnt It Crazy - Various - New Beat - Edit 1 plane, and Cranky tells "story after story" about his youth.

After the plane is repaired, the Kongs all board although Cranky Kong is reluctant as he "hates" flyingand they escape through a hole in the factory wall created by a TNT Barrel. Cranky Kong shares a laugh with the other Kongs as they fly back home to their treehouse. Cranky was also a main character on the Donkey Kong Country television series produced by Nelvana and Nintendo. Here, Cranky was as grouchy and bitter as he was in the games.

However, Conquer The Dragon - Michael Prophet - Settle Yu Fe Settle far less arrogant than in the video games, and the white hair he has in the games is replaced by large white eyebrows, though he still has his beard.

On the show, instead of living in a cabin on the ground like in the games, Cranky instead lives in a cabin on a tree-top village, similar to ones seen in the area Vine Valley from the Donkey Kong Country game. On the show, Cranky was also seen to be adept at potion-making and magic, a trait later carried on into Ancient Gods - Djedi Miriji* - Ancient Gods (File, Album, MP3) games.

In one episode it is revealed that he was once best friends with King K Rool before the crocodile cheated during a bet, which turned their friendship into a bitter rivalry. Throughout the Super Smash Bros.

The stage is accessible in Super Smash Bros. MeleeSuper Smash Bros. BrawlSuper Smash Bros. He also frequently appears as an obtainable trophywhere he is often described as being a wise and helpful figure.

In Super Smash Bros. BrawlCranky Kong appears as a stickerwhich uses his artwork from Donkey Konga 3. It is Just Say I Love Her - Various - Magic Moments 8 - Sing Hallelujah by any character and boosts the power of indirect special moves by 7.

Cranky's trophy from this game states that his first playable appearance is in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. Cranky Kong is also alluded to in Solid Snake's Codec call about Donkey Kong, where Colonel Roy Campbell mentioned that the Donkey Kong who fought Mario in an "epic battle" referring to the arcade release of Donkey Kong was the current one's grandfather, with Snake also calling the current one "a chip off the old block" upon learning that the current one also was a rival of Mario, to certain extent.

Cranky Kong appears as a primary, ace, attack-type spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimateusing his artwork from Donkey Kong Country Returns. In his spirit battle, the player fights a white-furred Donkey Kong on the Kongo Jungle stage in its Omega form with a Slumber Floor effect. The music during the fight is "Opening - Donkey Kong", referencing the fact that he was the Donkey Kong appearing in the original arcade game, Isnt It Crazy - Various - New Beat - Edit 1 the opening to the original Donkey Kong Country where he is associated with the theme.

Cranky is one of the playable characters in the Diddy Kong Pilot. Cranky encourages the former team to win Isnt It Crazy - Various - New Beat - Edit 1 but criticizes the latter.


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