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Label: Mettle Records - none • Format: CDr Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Grunge, Indie Rock
Download Cant Find My Words - Gretta Harley - Element 115 Uup

Kevin Wierzbicki Kevin Wierzbicki, antiMusic. The label specializes not only in heavy psych but also in garage psych, retro rock, stoner rock, space rock, fuzz blues and lots of other cool stuff. Heal My Soul is a real treat for Healey fans, especially since they had no idea that these songs even existed. Most of The Dirty Gospel is rocked-up southern soul. This is a very solid effort that should up the bands standing considerably.

Jennings wont be pigeonholed into any one genre- here he continues to prove it in spades. This nine-person band was born during the The Channels - Bye Bye Baby of Haitis horrific earthquake and the cholera epidemic that immediately followed. Well, at least for a few minutes while we tell you about a treasure of vintage psych music thats been lost for years!

Light the incense and turn on the lava lamp! Read the full Uther Pendragon's San Francisco Earthquake review 5 Star: Judas Priest - Battle Cry If you have any notion that Judas Priest, now more than years into their career, are losing a step, it will be dispelled very early on in this live concert film which was filmed at the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany.

Here in this coffee table-style book he shares about of his photos, Cant Find My Words - Gretta Harley - Element 115 Uup never been published before. Read the full Les Brers: Kirk West's Photographic Journey with the Brothers review The Keith Emerson Trio The recent sad news of the passing of keyboards wizard Keith Emerson will no doubt have every label hes ever been affiliated with scouring their archives for long-lost recordings to rush-release.

Read the full Celtic Thunder - Legacy Volume One review Pete Scobell Band - Walkin a Wire Pete Scobell is revealed on Walkin a Wire as a man of the people who loves his country, isnt afraid to show some emotion, respects country music tradition and yes, he can surely sing. But if viewers recognize the caring, giving, inspirational soul underneath it all, that would put the biggest smile on his face.

Read the full Bob Margolin- Supersonic Blues Machine- Sam Butler review Prong - X - No Absolutes Although they have undergone periods of inactivity and tons of line-up changes over the decades, marks a 30th anniversary for Prong, still helmed by founding member, singer and guitarist Tommy Victor. Most cities of any size have tons of things to see and do and Raleigh. NC is no exception.

It can be tough to figure out where to start when you only have a couple days to explore, so we've done some of the work er, play! Read the full Carolina Cool: Find it in Raleigh! Road Trip article Get To Know Mudface Currently counting the days until The Bane of Existence, a sophomore full-length effort due to drop on March 18, Mudface has released the albums pummeling first single Hellfoot.

Read the full Get to Know: Mudface review On The Record: Disastroid This band has Cant Find My Words - Gretta Harley - Element 115 Uup name that sounds like the title of one of those wacky, over-the-top movies seen on Basil O Glue* vs Myk Bee - Ruins EP SyFy channel, and the music found within is just as much fun.

Nestled somewhere within the catacombs of metal Mr. Clean - Skinkorps - Mr. Clean left to dust rests the deceased Decomposed. Read the full Decomposed - Hope Finally Died Read the full School of Rock: The Musical Original Cast Recording review Sites and Sounds: Spring Music Festival Preview Heres an advance look at what will be going on at some of the tastiest music festivals coming up this spring, including two that are taking place this year for the very first time.

All the hallmarks of metal are here: grinding guitar riffs, thrumming bass, rapid fire drumbeats and growled out background vocals Read the full Roses Unread - The Silver Lining review Separations - Dream Eater This Atlanta-based hard rock five-piece features both clean and death growl vocals on their songs and on title cut Dream Eater it may seem at first listen that the two Everybody - Various - Through The Wilderness: A Tribute To Madonna (File, Album) are acting out a good vs evil scenario Read the full Separations - Dream Eater review Sunflower Dead - It's Time to Get Weird Members of the band wear evil clown make-up in concert and in their videos so an album title like Cant Find My Words - Gretta Harley - Element 115 Uup Time to Get Weird is very fitting, but the guys prove right here that theres no fooling around when it comes down to laying down the riffs.

Read the full Prog Edition review Rock Reads: The Bag I'm In: Underground Music and Fashion in Britain Whenever the scene changes in music, fashion inevitably changes with it, and here author Knee has gathered a wonderful archive of previously unpublished photographs that represent 36 distinct tribes Read the full The Bag I'm In: Underground Music and Fashion in Britain review Quick Flicks: The Charlie Daniels Band If youre a longtime fan of the CDB but have been out of touch with the performer for a while you might be surprised to know that the bearded southern rocker was years-old when this show was taped in early Read the full Battle of the Band: Uriah Heep review Quick Flicks: Pagan's Mind This Norwegian prog band has been wowing fans for more than a decade with their big and melodic keyboard and guitar-driven sound.

Read the full Tony Orlando and the Lefty Brothers Band - Live at the Bottom Line review Hank Williams - I Saw the Light: The Unreleased Recordings You would have thought that by now anything worth releasing from this most-revered of country music legends, dead for more than years now, would already be available.

It is the perfect book for you though if you want to know how their music grew up Read the full Sting and the Police: Walking in Their Footsteps review Road Trip: Cruise to the Edge Music cruise promoters On the Blue and classic prog rock band Yes Cant Find My Words - Gretta Harley - Element 115 Uup up once again this year for the Cruise to the Edge.

The third iteration of the prog festival on the high seas took place Nov. Its that time of year to break out some holiday sounds! Here's our round-up of new products that can either prevent those little snafus or help you deal with them when they happen.

Bon voyage! Read the full Flexx Bronco- Spritzer review Rock Reads: Hippie Chick- A Tale of Love, Devotion and Surrender Some will see this book as a reminiscence but actually Hippie Chick is a thoroughly up-to-date and thoroughly enchanting look at how an element of a one-time counter culture endears itself to the masses today.

EP Despite Hearts long-run with a catalog of songs thats allowed Wilson to sing in many different styles, there are still things she hasnt done, some of which she explores on this four-song EP. Certainly its more interesting, and one of the reasons why is that groups like the Infamous Stringdusters, while honoring traditional bluegrass, are not Cant Find My Words - Gretta Harley - Element 115 Uup to color outside the lines. Lovecraft- More Happy Halloween!

We know youre busy thinking about tricks, treats and what costume youre going to wear, so weve taken the liberty of creating a Halloween shopping list for you. Lovecraft- More review Blackmore's Night - All Our Yesterdays If you happened to live in medieval times, probably the one time a year that you could forget about the plague and marauding hordes was the day the traveling minstrels brought their show to your village and everyone drank and danced.

Read the full The Wide Open Bluegrass Festival Road Trip article Clutch - Psychic Warfare When it comes to heavy, blues-informed and inventive stoner rock few do it better than Clutch, and fans who ate up their recent release Earth Rocker will love this one too.

Nikki's Wives Ghost doesnt need moving pictures to garner attention- Whitehead does that nicely with her voice, and fans can expect that to be the hallmark of this intriguing outfit as they move toward the release of their forthcoming E.

For E-V-E-R. Now Stump has released a new non-album single that may come as a Urban Silence III - Dub Taylor - Urban Silence of a surprise to some: a cover of Sam Hunts Ex to See. Read the full John Mayall- Dalannah and Owen- Mick Kolassa review Leslie West - Soundcheck For his sixteenth solo album, West, the former guitarist for lates hard rockers Mountain Mississippi Queen offers a set comprised mostly of cover tunes, and a well-chosen lot they are.

Legions of Scorpions fans the world over can be thankful that the band changed their mind about calling it quits.

One thing Scorpions have not done here is try to reinvent their sound. Read the full Scorpions - Return to Forever review Rick Wakeman: British Live Performance Series Recorded in and one of the first releases in the new British Live Performance series from Rainman Records, this title features a never-before-released concert from prog keyboards wizard Rick Wakeman. Read the full Rick Wakeman: British Live Performance Series review Bridge to Grace - Origins Although the subject matter here often reflects a certain amount of misery, each tune comes complete with a catchy chorus or hook thats easy to sing along to, balancing out the angst with a sense of positivity.

With this self-titled EP Rose is showing a couple other facets of her musical personality. Read the full December Rose - December Rose review Motorhead - Bad Magic Its been a real rollercoaster ride for fans of Motorhead these past few years and that situation continues today.

In the same week that Just My Luck - The Jonah Jones Quartet - Swingin On Broadway Magic was released, Cant Find My Words - Gretta Harley - Element 115 Uup Lemmy Kilmister experienced a shortness of breath during a concert. Its likely that more of the songs on This is Our Rise will garner the group even more radio airplay. Read the full Acidic- Godsticks- Vidunder review On The Record: Gretta Harley - Cant Find My Words - Gretta Harley - Element 115 Uup Uup In the science lab Element is the superheavy artificial element called Ununpentium Uupan unstable little fellow that collapses into its component elements as soon as it comes into existence.

Bridge to Grace Besides having a single thats racing up the Active Rock charts, the band is bringing their new music to the country on a summer tour that will see them playing headlining shows as well as opening for bands like Full Devil Jacket. Read the full Devil City Angels L. It may not exactly be witchcraft but as usual Cradle of Filth have something very special going on here. He can however perform and record Wishbone Ash material to his liking, and thats what he does here.

The Quebec City Summer Festival, Part 2 You can say it in French musique magnifique or in English beautiful music or in any language you wish but theres no disputing it; this years Quebec City Summer Festival was overflowing with great music.

Read the full Musique Magnifique! First Decree What would you suppose would be the first decree of First Decree, the four-piece alt-metal band out of Cheyenne, Wyoming?

The band has stated that their ultimate goal is to have their music inspire and encourage as many people as possible. If ye be sailing the pleasant waters of Banderas Bay off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and ye spy the galleon Marigalante approaching, ye better be knowing that she's full of pirates! Read the full Avast Mateys! December Rose The phrase Its a whole new ball game gets bandied around quite a bit. But when it comes to the career of pop singer December Rose, the saying applies literally and figuratively.

Downing its name. Read the full Dave Kilminster This sampler does exactly what its supposed to: show what the band is all about and give just enough of it to leave the listener wanting more. Fusion lovers and guitar heads should pick this one up right away. Now in their 25th year of existence, the band plays old-school Cant Find My Words - Gretta Harley - Element 115 Uup as was popular in the early days of FM radio. Bright and sunny like a Saturday afternoon, The Duellists is happiness-on-a-disc, a pop masterpiece.

Read the full Morello vs Masaru Mitsu - The Duellists review Everlit - Renovate Album titles can be cutesy or cryptic, nonsensical or meaningful, and it is the latter category into which Renovate, the new EP from Philadelphia-based rock band Everlit falls. Read the full Everlit - Renovate review Steve Howe - Anthology Many who would name Steve Howe as one of the top guitarists of all time likely would do so based mostly on his work with Yes.

Howe too played in Asia, GTR and more but hes also put out a slew of solo albums since Read the full Steve Howe - Anthology review von Grey - Panophobia Annika, Fiona, Petra and Kathryn von Grey certainly dont suffer from panophobia the fear of everything in fact theyre quite fearless here as they expand their sound considerably. Most visitors to Wales are going to begin their adventure in Cardiff. And since there's so much to do in Cardiff, some might spend all of their time Cant Find My Words - Gretta Harley - Element 115 Uup . But there's also plenty to do outside of town and in Mid Wales.

Road Trip article Fiach Moriarty - The Revolution The collateral damage of war is a recurring theme throughout The Revolution but listeners dont need to hear the message to enjoy the album though- Moriarty has a wonderful voice and Upphetsad - Gyllene Tider - Puls crafted here an excellent venue to showcase it.

Everlit Everlits first single Break Away, a melodic rocker appropriately-enough about getting out from underneath something that isnt working, has On Acid Bass! - Alan Davey - Four-Track Mind been released and is making big waves for the band at radio Read the full Everlit review The Grannies - Ballsier Imagine what a punk-leaning garage rock outfit fronted by Keith Richards might sound like and youve got a pretty good idea of the cool music to be found on Ballsier.

Adley Stump A few years ago when country singer Adley Stump launched her career by appearing on The Voice she had the notion that she would be mistaken for just another ditzy blond. A very cool addition to the Umphreys McGee catalog.

Alexander Cardinale Lots of people are getting their first taste of the talents of pop singer Alexander Xander Cardinale through his current hit single Made for You. But there really is so much to see that, for a first-time visitor, it can be a little daunting to decide where to head first. A Tribute to Celtic Frost Heres a cool fanzine edited by Mark Rudolph for fans of Celtic Frost and other extreme metal bands presented in paperback form and named after the Swiss bands debut album.

Read the full Morbid Tales! And to top off the concert footage, a second included DVD is loaded with extras including interview clips and eight of the bands music videos. What goes on in Huntsville allows mankind to journey into space to explore what television's Star Trek deemed "the final frontier. The albums title is a pretty good hint they have a sense of humor, albeit a juvenile one, and its on display throughout the album.

Denny Strickland Swerve On is fun and catchy enough that fans will no doubt quickly demand more from Strickland. For now the singer is mum on when a full-length might drop but fans can rest assured it wont be long Read the full Denny Strickland review U.

Some affectionately refer to the city as "The Ham," and long ago, back when the area's steel industry was booming, Birmingham became known as "Magic City" because it was growing so fast it was as if it was happening by magic.

Spinning records that is. This time out the battle is strictly musical as a reissue of the classic Kinks album Muswell Hillbillies dukes it out with the new Dave Davies solo album. Read the full Battle of Visa Från Göteborg - Bengt Sändh & Finn Zetterholm - Världens Minnsta LP Band: The Kinks review Motorhead - Stage Fright This film was shot at a concert in Dusseldorf, Germany back inlong before there were daily worries about whether or not the poor health of front man Lemmy Kilmister would bring an end to the band 4 stars Read the full Motorhead - Stage Fright review Road Trip Revisited: Star Clippers The delights of the Caribbean are easy to reach and best explored aboard a small cruise ship like the tall ships operated by Star Clippers, who currently have multiple Caribbean sailings on offer through March.

Here are our picks for a handful of good ones including Bryan Adams, Bob Marley, Tears for Fears, in case you missed them. Here are our picks for a handful of good ones including Bobby Darin, Joni Mitchell and Elvis Presley, in case you missed them. The main part of the show was filmed at O2 Jesse James - Pitbullfarm - Pitbullfarm Brixton in London.


Its You (Club Mix) - Duck Sauce - Quack (Club Mixes), Nice N Juicy - Jersey City State Jazz Ensemble - Take One: Music Minus One Trumpet, Nudge Nudge - Monty Python - The Monty Python Instant Record Collection, Ol Man River - The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Gone With The Wind, Succotash - Herbie Hancock - Inventions And Dimensions

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  5. Read the full Gretta Harley - Element (Uup) review in his own words, Lets peek into Santas bag and see if we cant find a couple were really gonna like.
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