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Label: Bop Records - 1988 • Format: Vinyl LP, Album • Country: South Africa • Genre: Funk / Soul •
Download Nelcy Sedibe - Simple Lady

Tristen: "Matchstick Murder" from Tristen on Vimeo. TV on Vimeo. Come hang out with us all day! Free Brooklyn Lager for Nelcy Sedibe - Simple Lady first hour each day! Monday, August 31, Swinging Mode DEmploi - Soon E MC - Intime Conviction. File this Nelcy Sedibe - Simple Lady in the "thank god for the internet" file. A friend sent this album to us last week, and it's been essential listening ever since.

The Swinging Mademoiselle compilation is one of those records that you don't really want to know Essence - Gravedance - Untitled back story on, and honestly, we haven't even looked it up. It's so great the way it is -- you don't want to wreck it. If you, the reader, feel like doing the research on this collection, by all means go forth. Here's to hoping you enjoy it as much as we are.

Go to Spiked Candy who has more info and all The End Of You Too - Metronomy - Nights Out music. We're pretty sure this is a vinyl only rip, and it looks like there are a lot of imitations out there, so make sure you're getting the real deal. Thanks to "anonymous friend" and Spiked Candy. Labels: Fergus and Geronimo. Crazy-Go-Nuts Tour.

The Grates will be co-headlining this craziness of a tour with Those Darlins, featuring performances with all the aforementioned bands. Pure insanity to ensue on this massive set of dates kicking off on Sept. Traveling coast-to-coast, Those Darlins and The Grates will have their fingers in all sorts of music markets -- dirty. Check out this massive tour after the jump.

Labels: Dr. DogKing Khanmeat puppetsthe gratesThose Darlins. Love them or hate them, Pitchfork's decade in review, most notably their top songs of the decade, has been heavily debated around the blogosphere.

Today, we get their top 50 videos of the s. Pitchfork's 1 choice, the White Stripes' "Fell in Love With a Girl" holds a special place for me, as I remember watching this video on my 10 inch TV during my freshman Nelcy Sedibe - Simple Lady of college and being stopped dead in my tracks.

I had sort of started listening to the White Stripes at this point, but the amazing song and seizure inducing lego madness solidified me as a fan for the long haul, or at least until Get Behind Me Satan came along. While it probably wouldn't be 1 for me, it's pretty high up there. See after the jump for Pitchfork's top 10 Nelcy Sedibe - Simple Lady of the decade.

Justice "D. Feist "" [Dir: Patrick Daughters; ] 4. Labels: PitchforkWhite Stripes. New Tom Russell Featuring Calexico. We here at Stark are delighted to bring you "Matchstick Murder" the debut video from amazing Nashville songwriter Tristen.

You know her from her impressive NY debut at our Northside showcase and from our plentiful posts on her in the past. Jeff Wyatt Wilson filmed and directed this video as Nobody (Likes The Records That I Play) - Various - Now Best Of Dance 2004 of a feature on Tristen that will run in the September issue of American Songwriter magazine.

Yet, Tristen conceived the storyline as well as all of the costumes and color coordination. Labels: dolly partondon't drop outmp3. Taken by Trees: "East of Eden". So, what can we do to combat the idea and practice of "cultural imperialism" if it even exists? The answer, is to simply shine light upon, and promote the artists who helped develop the styles popularized in the West by artists such as Byrne and Simon. To show readers that artists had been playing stylized African-pop long before Graceland came out.

I t's an amazing amalgamation of the genres, songs and beats popularized in the 70s and 80s in the Soweto region of Africa. Get it today, before summer's over. A big thanks to Aquarium Drunkard for posting on this yesterday. Last week we posted a video of Annie Clark St.

Vincent performing acoustically at this very same venue. Today we bring you Camera Obscurain all their glory. My Maudlin Caree r, the newest effort from these Brits, finds a darker tone than previous efforts before as the title would suggest; there is heartbreak at work here -- in the raw. Please enjoy. Wednesday, August 26, Lazy Blogging?

Nelcy Sedibe - Simple Lady new record, Reservoirreleases on Oct. Nelcy Sedibe - Simple Lady the new video for Nelcy Sedibe - Simple Lady Walls are Coming Down" above. Check out more about the album here.

Tour dates after the jump. Countdown to End Summer Playlist. Everyone else is doing it! Why can't we? This will be our first foray into the world of online- playlist Nelcy Sedibe - Simple Lady and we are OK with that. Labels: Countdown to end SummerdownloadPlaylist. Continue to love everything from them.

Can't wait for the rest of the world to acknowledge their awesomeness. Labels: Be Set FreeKemadolanghorne slim.

New J. Tillman: "Though I have Wronged You". Labels: Fleet FoxesJ. Golden Silvers: True Romance. Don't know how we slept on this one Without Words - Prong - X - No Absolutes long. Even Rolling Stone managed to give this one a lot of love before us.

While at times soulful, this trio succeeds at conveying a funky albeit very white take on disco. Yet, the songs and production are sharp, clear, and very accessible. How can a debut this strong be so widely ignored in the US music community? Perhaps we're missing something glaring here, but this record is damn good, and if you're not writing about it and listening to it, you should be. Tegan and Sara : Sainthood.

Don't Rush. On Directing. Red Belt. The Cure. Night Watch. Paperback Head. The Ocean. Sentimental Tune. Labels: cover artlazy bloggingnew albumtegan and saratracklist. New Islands Mp3: "Vapours". I really loved Islands for one magical year in The group was riding high on its magnificent debut album, Return to the Seajust as I was becoming enamored with lo-fi bedroom indie pop.

So, duh, perfect match. In fact, here's what my year-old self had to say about the album when it hit number seven on my year-end list, exclusively published on my Xanga remember that?

Guitars, pianos, strings, accordions, flutes, triangles, whistles, saxophones, steel drums, bongos, rap breakdowns. Indie at its best. A gorgeous, fun, outstanding album that can be played anywhere, anytime. Luckily, I went to college and learned how to write.

I don't really remember much about it, except something Broadway and something French. BTW, those writing skills I honed in college are, at this point, debatable. I'm still iffy on most of the group's post- Return output, but the title track from the new record, Vapourshas significantly piqued my interest. Fist bump to Stereogum for the mp3. Labels: islandsnew mp3nick diamondsStereogumvapoursxanga. For those of you keeping track, we somehow held off posting about Caitlin Rose since July Recently featured on the cover of the Nashville SceneCaitlin known affectionately to some as Cato joined local female artists Tristen and Those Darlins as they were profiled in an amazing feature by Scenester Tracy Moore Holla!

Caitlin has been working hard to get her debut full-length off the ground Nelcy Sedibe - Simple Lady yet given a street date, but, no need, her EP Dead Flowers has not faded over time.


3 x 5 + 6 - Louie Bellson* - Breakthrough!, Locomotion - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - The OMD Singles, Deviot - Welcome To Armageddom, Bolinga - The Gambas - Alegría Social

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  2. File this one in the "thank god for the internet" file. A friend sent this album to us last week, and it's been essential listening ever since. The Swinging Mademoiselle compilati.
  3. Sexxy - They Might Be Giants; On A Whim - Flying Machines; Prince of 38th Street (freak flag) - Born Again Floozies; Gobbledigook - Sigur Ros; Trust Me I'm Not a Stalker - The Small Cities.
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  6. Top Music. One of the pleasures in life in the post-CD era is reassessing your record collection.. The enormous volume of back-catalog recordings being released and compilations being assembled on disc means that music fans can more easily explore new types of music.
  7. Baberton-born songstress Nelcy Sedibe also joined this band and toured the country as vocalist with Kori Moraba. A former Mashadza High School student, Nelcy later joined her old band, Kakai and released albums like Sengaliwe () and Take A Chance () under West Nkosi at Gallo Records; both West and Nelcy have since left us.

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