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Label: Projektill - PI/K7 - 02,Gorification Musix - D.M.M 26 • Format: Cassette Compilation, Limited Edition • Country: France • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal
Download New Order Of Terror - Cantus Bestiae - Cantus Bestiae

What the Allies knew. Jews of the Channel Islands. Piotrkow Trybunalski. Journey Through Poland. German Persecution of Polish Jews.

Pawiak Prison. Deportations from the Tarnow Ghetto. Eberhard Schongarth. The SD Schools at. Hans Biebow. Wilhelm Rosenbaum. The Boy in the Photo. To maszow Shut It Tight - Jimmyjohnnyjoe - Jimmyjohnnyjoe. Katyn Massacre.

The Stroop Report. Part 2. Pre-war post card of the town at Oscwiecim Poles are Incarcerated in concentration camps at Oswiecim, Oranienburg - Sachsenhausen, Mauthausen, Dachau, Ravensbrucke for women and in several other smaller camps.

Most of the prisoners are drawn from the intellectual classes. Certificates from public departments or public utility undertakings are no security whatever against arrest. The prisoners are often taken away without coats and hats, even in the coldest of weather. They are usually transported in sealed railway trucks, seventy persons to each. Frequently the trucks, after sealing, are left standing on a siding until there are sufficient to make up a train, and cases have been known of prisoners being left thus sealed up on the siding for four or even six days, not provided With food or water or warm clothing and bedding, at a, time of deep frost.

When the prisoners stamped their feet and moved about to keep warm, the guards struck their rifle butts on the sides of the trucks and ordered them 4 In The Morning - Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape be quiet.

But in any case, after a couple of days or so the prisoners did not need telling to be quiet. The concentration camp at Oswiecim, which is the largest in Poland, merits a detailed description. The journey to this camp may take from three to five days, according to distance and the travelling conditions.

During the journey rations consisting of bread and noodles, which in wintertime were frozen together in a solid mass, were put through the ventilator window. Sometimes as many as ten bodies are removed from the. It was common for those New Order Of Terror - Cantus Bestiae - Cantus Bestiae alive to remove the clothes from the dead to wear for the sake of warmth.

At Oswiecim railway station the trucks are shunted on to a siding with a platform specially built for the purpose. One end slopes sharply downward, and in wintertime it was very slippery, covered with ice and frozen snow. The trucks are kept sealed until nightfall, when the doors are opened and dazzling arc lamps are switched off.

Blinded, numbed with cold, hungry, and dizzy with the sudden fresh air, they are unable to. The older men fall and slide down the ramp. Prisoners unable to get up from. The corpses are left in the truck, and are afterwards burnt in the crematorium. The prisoners are then packed into lorries, being beaten incessantly all the while. Oswiecim Rail station just outside of the camp On arrival at the camp they are ordered to fall in line in order of size.

Those who cannot stand are laid out on the, ground. After the list has been checked, which usually takes a couple of hours or more they are, allotted to the various barracks.

The barracks are unheated, and there are innumerable chinks in the walls. There is so little room for sleeping that if any prisoner turns over he disturbs his neighbors. There is only one palliasse for every three prisoners. All towels have to be kept in a single heap so that no prisoner has his own towel and the danger of infectious disease is greatly increased.

Many persons suffering from venereal diseases are deliberately sent to the camp. Rising time is about 5 a. Sick prisoners must work as though they were quite well. No one may report sick unless he has a temperature of over If anyone reports sick with a lower temperature he is sent to the punishment squad. The prisoners live in dread of illness, as there is no proper medical care for them.

The jailers in charge of the barracks are chiefly criminals who have been given life sentences, but among them are a couple of German Communists. The jailers are degenerates, and have absolute sway over the lives of the prisoners in their charge.

The prisoners are forced to do exhausting labor, frequently entirely useless. On one occasion a group of five men, including two priests, was ordered to do stone breaking.

One of them tried to warm his hands by clasping them against his body, and the guard sentenced him to stand with New Order Of Terror - Cantus Bestiae - Cantus Bestiae hands above his head for half an hour. While performing their task they were not allowed to kneel or squat down.

One group of prisoners was given heavy blocks of wood, with which they bad to smooth the surface of stone blocks which were to be used for sculpture. A medallion with a stamp of the Blessed Virgin slipped out of the open neck of one mans shirt, and a Gestapo man at once ran up, kicked him in the face, tore the medallion away and ordered him to eat it.

Another group was ordered to construct New Order Of Terror - Cantus Bestiae - Cantus Bestiae pond. As the prisoners may not ruin their boots or socks, they were ordered to work barefoot in the snow and on the frozen mud. All the prisoners of this group were from the intellectual class. One day they were unable to stand any more, and attacked their two guards, trampling them in the. The next day a large number of prisoners were taken out to the open field and ordered to run. The guards opened fife from machine-guns.

Those who were killed were at once cremated. In the centre of the camp is a square used as a place for punishment exercise. In the middle of the square is a post. One day some fifteen men had to perform special gymnastics consisting of squatting and rising at the order of a Gestapo man behind them. The prisoners held one another's hands so that the stronger could help the weaker. This kind of exercise Visions Of Johanna - Jerry Garcia - Jerry Garcia Plays Dylan continued for hours at a time.

The Gestapo men in charge are changed, but the prisoners have to go on. Frequently prisoners can be seen pushing wheelbarrows loaded with stones around the square at the double.

Behind them a guard rides on a cycle using a whip on those who do not keep running. Prisoners frequently die on this exercise, as no one has yet succeeded in running round the circle more than 25 times. Sometimes the prisoners are ordered to set out stones in a pattern, and then collect them again; often they File One - Various - Purple Box to carry piles of stones from one spot to another, and then shift them back the next day.

They also Rihanna - S&M to build their own walls, level the ground, etc. The prisoners are fed very badly. Three times a day they are given 20 grams of bread less than an ounceat noon they New Order Of Terror - Cantus Bestiae - Cantus Bestiae soup, and in the evening a brown fluid called New Order Of Terror - Cantus Bestiae - Cantus Bestiae . Large numbers suffer from digestive troubles, and they suffer all the more because they New Order Of Terror - Cantus Bestiae - Cantus Bestiae allowed to use the toilet only three times a day.

It happened one day that a prisoner ate two portions of dinner. When it was discovered he Rupie Edwards - Rupies Gems led out before the entrance gate, near the crematorium.

By the gate two rows of guards With knouts were lined up. One of them told the prisoner that as he had shown so much ingenuity and cleverness in eating an additional portion, he was to be released. The gate was open, and he could run out into freedom. But as stealing was a punishable offence, he must first run the gauntlet of the two rows of guards. He started to run between the lines, being beaten mercilessly on the New Order Of Terror - Cantus Bestiae - Cantus Bestiae and legs with the knouts.

Near the end of the line he began to stagger, but he summoned up all his strength and ran out through the gate. Then a machine-gun opened fire, and he was wounded in the belly. The guards called to a man with a wheelbarrow working close by, threw the wounded man on the barrow and ordered him to be taken to the crematorium. The prisoner was sufficiently conscious to see where he was being taken, and in a frenzy of despair tried to Seas Of Blood - Massacra - Enjoy The Violence something to the crowd of guards watching the sight.

But they only laughed and made their way to the crematorium. There he was thrown into the furnace, where there were already two half-burnt bodies. The two guards in charge or the crematorium were ordered to divide the ashes into three, as the last victim had moved and so had disturbed the ashes of the other bodies.

The least misdemeanor is punished by public whipping, and the principle of collective responsibility is imposed.

If anyone is missing at the roll-call the entire group is kept standing for hours in the frost. One day when one prisoner was missing, a large group of men was stopped after their work and kept standing in their wet clothes from 12 to 6 p. Anyone who moved was at once beaten.

Sign post at the Auschwitz camp During this period 86 men died wider the torture. In order to lengthen the period of torture, when any prisoner swooned he was carried under a pump and, brought round by having water pumped over him, and then was returned to the line to be beaten.


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  1. A split release with Deathspell Omega was planned for release at the end of but was never materialised.
  2. Aug 14,  · Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums & more. Working No thanks Check it out. Find out why Close. Cantus Bestiae - Untitled 7.
  3. Apparently the explanation of this is that the Warsaw ghetto is an experiment on which all Jewish existence throughout Europe is to modeled in, the future when the New Order has been introduced. It must be emphasized that the Warsaw ghetto is the only completely closed Jewish quarter in all the General Government.
  4. Tracks are from "Pacta tacitum cum daemone" demo tape. Tracks are from "The Cult of Sterility" split EP with Puritas Virginum. Track 11 is from the split EP with Christicide.
  5. And now it’s our fiendish pleasure to present a second advance track, “Unus Cantus Bestiae“, which affords me a second chance to play with terminology. The pounding, plundering drum rhythms go faster than it seems humanly possible.
  6. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Cantus Bestiae - Cantus Bestiae at Discogs. Complete your Cantus Bestiae collection/5(6).

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