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This document describes the methods Google Cloud Support can use to connect to a Google Search Appliance to provide remote technical support.

The following tables list the methods that Google supports for remote access to search appliances. Technical support using SupportCall is available on the Google Search Appliance, as part of the standard support terms. SupportCall is available on software versions 4.

You can initiate a SupportCall session using the Admin Console or login console. By default, SupportCall connects to port of host supportcall. The following two sections provide instructions for both ways to configure a SupportCall. This section applies to SupportCall sessions that make a direct connection to port of the host supportcall. If your search appliance is running a software version earlier than 6.

Your firewall permits connections on outbound TCP to port on supportcall. The DNS server for the search appliance can successfully resolve supportcall. A route is available from the search appliance to supportcall. Your firewall permits non-SSL traffic to port on supportcall.

If your search appliance is running software version 6. Ensure that connectivity is possible between the search appliance and port on supportcall. If the search appliance is unable to resolve supportcall. To initiate a SupportCall session from the Admin Console to port on supportcall. On software version 6. Click Test to test the connectivity between the search appliance and the support call server. If there is a connectivity issue, an error message appears in the Call Status area.

Otherwise, the following message appears: Test successful, Support Call ready. Before you initiate a SupportCall session from the Admin Console using a proxy, you must ensure that your configuration meets the following requirements:. If credentials are required to authenticate with the proxy, you know the required user name and password. DNS resolution for supportcall.

Optionally, to prevent the connection from being broken, click Enable Connection KeepAlive. This causes a keepAlive signal to be sent every 60 seconds. The Call Status area shows the ports that were forwarded, along with the following message: All connections have been started successfully. A Google Cloud Support engineer can now connect to your search appliance.

After your support request is resolved, click Stop Call to disconnect the SupportCall session. If the Admin Console becomes unresponsive or times out, Number Three Channel Is Clear - Appliance - In Session can try to start or stop a SupportCall session using direct links.

The direct links do not work under all circumstances. For example, if the Admin Console is down completely, the direct links do not work. If the Admin Console is less responsive than usual because the search appliance is overloaded, the direct links might work.

If you are running version 7. Start a Support Call from the local console or Version Manager instead. If the Admin Console for your search appliance is unavailable, you can start a SupportCall session from the login console. This method requires that you connect a keyboard and monitor to the search appliance.

Initiate the session by entering the following command at the login prompt: startsupportcall. If your search appliance runs software version 6.

If you are running any version from 6. Confirm that you want to start a SupportCall session by clicking the appropriate button. A Number Three Channel Is Clear - Appliance - In Session update is displayed. Attach a computer to the administrative network interface card of your search appliance.

You can use the orange cable that came with the search appliance or a standard crossover cable. Your computer is assigned an IP address in the Respond to the challenge with the first six characters of the string, but reverse the case of all letters when you enter the response. All upper-case letters become lower-case letters and all lower-case letters become upper-case letters. When you are successful, you receive the following message: The appliance will now allow Remote Access access via SupportCall.

If you are unsuccessful, you receive a new challenge. Secure Shell SSH provides a secure, encrypted connection through which Google Cloud Support can access your search appliance to provide remote technical support. Technical support using a direct SSH connection across the internet Piano Concerto No.

5 Emperor - The London Symphony Orchestra, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, D available Number Three Channel Is Clear - Appliance - In Session the Google Search Appliance as part of the standard support terms. Support using SSH is available in all software versions. Optional If your search appliance Number Three Channel Is Clear - Appliance - In Session not on a public network, you can set up NAT port forwarding to map the private IP address of your search appliance to an external IP address.

In the left navigation pane, if the search appliance is on software version 6. On version 6. If you receive a login prompt, the connection is successful. The last host you see responding is the last one that let the connection through. If the Admin Console is not available, see the instructions for enabling SSH from the configuration web interface.

Technical support using the GoToAssist direct support method is available if you have purchased the Collaborative support package. Support using GoToAssist is available on all software versions. You can run the applet within a web browser running on a Windows PC by logging into the Google Cloud Support web site with the username provided by Google Cloud Support. You do not need to install special software to run a GoToAssist session because the applet is automatically run by the web browser.

You must unblock access to these servers at your firewall. You can test whether or not the GoToAssist applet will work on your network with its Connection Wizard. During the session, you can view all actions taken by Google Cloud Support. You can end the session at any time. To create a secure communications channel to your private network, a VPN client may be installed onto a Google computer.

Please provide the following information to Google. Type and version of client software. You will need to provide the client software to Google, unless one of the following can be used:.

We do permit standalone Java applications that run from the Number Three Channel Is Clear - Appliance - In Session. A: Please do not communicate your username or password to Google. A small number of Google Cloud Support staff have the ability to obtain administrative passwords for your appliance.

Your appliance ID has one of the formats described in the following table. A: The root password is a random string that is different for each search appliance. It is stored at Google in an encrypted format, and is only accessible to certain Google Cloud Support Number Three Channel Is Clear - Appliance - In Session. Q: Does Google offer disconnected support? A: Google offers disconnected support agreements to government and military customer and some commercial customers that do not allow remote access.

Please contact your salesperson for details. A: Google Cloud Support does not offer on-site visits. All other technical support that requires access to the search appliance must be performed through remote access. Q: Can Google access information on my search appliance? A: Google Cloud Support personnel that are allowed access to a customer's search appliance can view documents in the index on the search appliance and can also make outbound network connections through the customer's private network.

All Google Cloud Support personnel are bound by the non-disclosure agreement that Google signed with the customer. A: If your Admin Console is unavailable, you can establish an SSH connection from a web server that is running on the configuration network interface on port Use the orange cable provided, or a standard cross-over cable.

Your computer will be assigned an IP address in the Q: Does Google support remote access Number Three Channel Is Clear - Appliance - In Session Webex? A: Webex is technology that can be used for support as an alternative to GotoAssist.

Webex can be used when GotoAssist does not work well in your environment. Like GotoAssist, Webex is only available if you have purchased the Collaborative support package. A Google technical support engineer will start the Webex session and send you email with the link for initiating your side of the Webex session.

The Webex session presents you with a form to complete, which helps identify the participants in the session. If this is the first Webex session from your computer, a browser plugin is installed.

A connection is established that enables Google support personnel to request control of the customer computer. From that computer, the Google support engineer can start an SSH session from the computer to the search appliance. The network Beautiful People - Pet Shop Boys - Yes, Pet Shop Boys Etc. that is required for Webex sessions is documented at the Since U Been Gone (Live At The Capitol) - A Day To Remember - For Those Who Have Heart Re-Issue support site.

A: No. Google does not support any VPN Long Time Gone - Everly Brothers, The* - 20 Greatest Hits / Bye Bye Love that require Google to modify our network infrastructure.


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  2. Remote access methods for technical support. Google Search Appliance (G and G) software version and later Software that creates a secure communications channel to the customer's private network. If you reboot your search appliance, the SupportCall session is automatically terminated.
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  8. Open an SSH session and log on to the appliance as an administrator using the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu. 2. Open an NFS or a CIFS share by entering the following command: In addition, is the software release number, such as , and the version number of the software release, The Fibre Channel (FC) ports must be.

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