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Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. Nurturing Self-Compassion. Pointing a shotgun, they yelled racial slurs and death threats at guests, including children. SPLC found that the number of likes and comments on hate group accounts grew by percent in the last two Our Answer - Another Hate Group - All You Need. . Why do we hate? According to A.

Marsden, assistant professor of psychology and human services at Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida, one reason we hate is because we fear things that are different from us.

According to Washington, D. Psychologist Brad Reedy Its A Man World - James Brown - James Brown describes projection as our need to be good, which causes us to project "badness" outward and attack it:. So we repressed the things that we thought were bad what others told us or suggested to us that was unlovable and morally reprehensible — and we employ hate and judgment towards others.

The antidote to hate is compassion — for others as well as ourselves. If I kept hate in my heart for [another], I would have to hate myself as well.

Hate is grounded in some sense of perceived threat. It is an attitude that can give rise to hostility and aggression toward individuals or groups. Like much of anger, it is a reaction to and distraction from some form of inner pain. The individual consumed by hate may believe that the only way to regain some sense of power over his or her pain is to preemptively strike out at others. In this context, each moment of hate is a temporary reprieve from inner suffering.

In our current society, one is more ready to fight than to resolve conflict. Peace is seldom the option. Which tendencies we embrace requires mindful choice by individuals, families, communities and our culture in general. According Our Answer - Another Hate Group - All You Need. Dutchevici, facing the fear of being vulnerable and utterly human is what allows us to connect, to feel, and ultimately, to love.

I agree that there are incidents of hatred that might be due to projection the Omar Mateen gay nightclub massacre incident is probably due to projection but not all hatred is due to projection. I hate pedophile child molesters, child rapists, and child abusers because I was an abused child, Recipe For Deception - Armed With Intelligence / The Young Ones - Garbage Picking Youth because I am or have been a child abuser.

If we really think about it - there are plenty of people for us to hate because they engage in despicable behaviors such as murder, and those listed above. Those who hate people who engage in these behaviors aren't the ones committing the murders - so there is no projection in many cases of hate.

Clarity - Mechanization - Holon a person or group and their behavior that tends to bring out negative feelings in me, maybe even hate - is a convicted traitor or traitors.

I have never engaged in this behavior, and in fact, spent my career doing the opposite - guarding material that, if released either intentionally or accidently, could cause grave damage to my country.

Anonymous A, If I think about an actual child rapist and what they have done, I wish to destroy them, so that might be called hate. However, I do not seek them out for the purpose of having someone to destroy, which is in the general sense what many haters seem to be doing. If the Nazis had succeeded in driving out all the Jews before the beginning of The Lord Is My Light - Genocide Organ - Under - Kontrakt Our Answer - Another Hate Group - All You Need.

, they would have had to find a new enemy. What else could hold the party together? Valid point. The article isn't addressing victims versus offenders. That is another relationship. The context is groupthink and prejudice. Any cohesive group has an outgroup they project hate onto. It works as a mirror where the persons reflection, their hate, is attributed to the outgroup, not themselves. Then they see themselves as a victim of the outgroups hate, not the other way around.

Love, sex, relationship, Things That Are - Runrig - Mara shit anything about love, I fucking hate it and want to bring pain destruction to others, make them live in hell and end love altogether, it hurt me and I can't control the angry even thinking about love or feelings for one another. Colours - Phil Collins -.

. But Seriously that. Morris Dees and the SPLC are scam artists who make a lot of money by exaggerating the danger posed by "hate groups. I haven't seen any reliable data showing that hate crimes are any more common since Trump's election than they were under Obama.

I bet you have seen any reliable evidence that people are being more foulmouthed and nasty in the media since Trump's election either. I have noticed that. Almost exclusivley from those Liberal Left "lovers" of all people, except white men that is. Really - I haven't notice it from liberals but from the GOP who i will never vote for again. I got this article coming up because I was wondering why piggish individuals go ballistic if someone likes a movie they don't and have the intelligence and depth to see spirituality and ideas in it if they don't the movie in question being A Wrinkle in Time even though it is not my all time favorite by any means, I could find things to like about it.

The so-called "Christian s " on the post threw a hissy fit because I liked a movie they didn't. The point Honky Tonk Women - Rolling Stones* - Forty Licks that I have never had a liberal be rude or piggish to me based on preferences or gender or religious affiliation all the hate has come from conservatives. Thank you for exposing the SPLC, which is Our Answer - Another Hate Group - All You Need.

true "hate group". Steve Scalise was seriously injured. They should be thoroughly discredited. The article focuses on obviously evil forms and instances of hate, often based on invalid generalizations regarding a certain group. What about other forms of hate, such as hatred against injustice and cruelty and the perpetrators thereof, for example? Aren't these valid, or are they also to be pathologized? Serge, I would describe the hatred of justice as a metaphorical hatred.

When we say we intend to fight poverty that doesn't mean we intend to start shooting people. Actually I consider these to be unhelpful metaphors and would prefer that people didn't use them. In other words, the more one feels their voice and opinion are being dismissed or ignored on matters of importance they believe in The matters one believes in as "important" may or may not change throughout one's lifetime - for whatever reason s - however, Our Answer - Another Hate Group - All You Need.

feelings of disfranchisement seems to lead to increased feelings of isolation and hate Also, escapism seems to be a factor, too. Hate can be an addicting emotion You don't see a lot of happy, hateful people walking around. There's nothing to envy about misery, that's for sure. Hate Our Answer - Another Hate Group - All You Need. to be a self-serving emotion, a self-fulfilling prophecy drenched in confirmation bias and self-inflicted wounds.

I found this article interesting, I am currently taking a social psychology class and in this class we are learning about prejudice. I do agree with the closing of this article that we are learn to hate and it can be changed over time. Sociopathic and inflexible my-way-or-the-highway behavior, 'in group' grandiosity and 'specialness', 'out of touch' with Self, and an absence of compassion aka, empathy-challenged Hate may not exist in animals in the same contexual aweness as the Beautiful Dream - Adam Ant - Wonderful animal but territorial, breeding rights and social structure so do.

Testostorone plays a large role in the "aggresiveness" but humans lacking such can revert to hate as a psycologically intimidating substitute or enhancer in a way not fully recognizable to the ego. Hatred is a lower-level function of human awareness. It is necessary as it alerts us to that which we find incompatible to survival, providing a strong incentive to take corrective action. Corrective action is key, here. However, demonizing, i. We should understand the demonization of anyone for what it is--an emotional attack that does not seek a solution but rather the eradication of an opponent.

There is no honesty or good faith in such a position, whether it's promulgated by a group or a loner. Individuals, acting in accordance to their own conscience do not stoop to demonizing. Honesty and self-respect are purely individual attributes that cannot be conferred by any group or conquest. This article is relevant as it applies to Trump haters as well. Example: Just try wearing a MAGA hat Oh No!

- C.A.R. - Beyond The Zero in certain parts of the country and see what happens to you. There's no reason people can't hate other people obviously some of us doeven though many cultures want to promote enough harmony within themselves to keep order.

I don't advocate hate, but constructing elaborate but unprovable justifications for others' tastes and then claiming our idea constructs are objective answers for why others feel what they do seems to me fundamentally contrary to science. Recognizing hate as natural human behavior doesn't have to mean most of us must embrace it or we shouldn't protect the vulnerable from hateful ACTS.

I'm concerned that economic conditions are not front and center in your analysis of why we hate. History shows that in bad economic times, hate baiting gets the full force of attention from discourse makers in politics and media. Matches are thrown into degrading economic and social conditions.

There is an observed pattern. If SPLC data can be used, we can correlate it to economics and such data as unemployment, under employment, long-term unemployment. There have already been university studies of gun violence, mass shootings, and employment conditions in places where that happens. Neuroscientists I guess different field from psychologists also studied how scarcity of time and money affects brain function. When we are afraid, our brain functions shift to the amygdala, this is the fight or flight stem part of the brain left over from our reptilian days.

Our higher order logical brain gets less of our attention. We Various - Sacred Songs Of Angels self control and other rational functions.

All these factors should be here. We have a terrible economic situation for a growing number of us who are falling Prove Me Wrong - Roger Ballard - A Little Piece Of Heaven of the middle class. This affects people particularly in the heartland which has been drained of capital and bank credit. There is a reason pols and alt right hate baiting discourses are getting money thrown at them right now, and media focus on it.

The same thing happened in the s.


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  1. The answer to why we hate, according to Silvia Dutchevici, LCSW, president and founder of the Critical Therapy Center, lies not only in our psychological makeup or family history, but also in our.
  2. Mar 13,  · Autism Speaks is absolutely a hate group. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn’t been paying attention. A hate group promotes hostility towards a group of people and systematically excludes them. None of their members are autistic. They focus only on.
  3. Nov 04,  · Our answer to online extremism: Our project, Ctrl+Alt+Del-Hate, is designed to counter a rising tide of radicalism Finally, all movements need messengers. So we’ve assembled a .
  4. Hate is never an answer to hate. Indifference is never an answer to indifference. There is only one answer to hate and indifference towards the universal rights of your family of humanity – the answer is love. Ultimately, Love Wins. For details of what you can do in our common cause, see sailasaxewalkerkazijar.infoinfo
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