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Label: Epic - E2K 90067 • Series: Pearl Jam 2003 Official Bootlegs - #21 • Format: 2x, CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Alternative Rock, Grunge
Download Small Town - Pearl Jam - Birmingham, AL - April 9th 2003

It has been aptly noted that Eddie Vedder's true talent is for being a rock star. His passionate singing is special not for any merits of its tremulous roar but for seeming like the voice of a very troubled deep thinker whose every grunt bespeaks imponderable existential calamities and supernatural power. His humorless lyrics rarely make much sense, yet they invariably convey just how troubled and desperate his feelings must be.

As a public figure, though, the Chicago-born jut-jawed Kirk Douglas of alt-rock alienation burns with larger-than-life rebel fire, and it's impossible not to admire both his excruciating sensitivity and his incorrigibly principled and virulently conflicted sense of self.

Regardless of the merits of his music, Vedder has long been seen as a worthy and humble god who truly understands and deeply cares. And give the man his props on another front: he knows his old Who records. None of which says anything about the merits of their mega- selling records. Ultimately, Pearl Jam's achievement is ennobling thuggish electric rock without dressing it up, turning decades-old lunkheaded leftovers into an impressive and respectable modern banquet. It's rare that an arena band has shown such skill at communicating rock's profound majesty without pomposity.

Who else could release an ode to vinyl "Spin the Black Circle" on CD and not look like total chumps in the process? With his straining, barely contained intensity and profound unease, Vedder inflates the trivial lyrics of "Even Flow" and "Porch" into sweeping melodic anthems, holds himself back in "Black" and turns traumatic souvenirs of a troubled adolescence into the grown-up obsessions of "Alive" and "Jeremy.

Nothing about the album bears out that effective, threatening gimmick, but his Small Town - Pearl Jam - Birmingham makes it hard to ignore. Album packaging, however, is something else entirely. Vedder's lyrics, meanwhile, are receding deeper into schematic elusiveness. If "Glorified G" is meant to be a statement against firearms, its ironic message fails to even register an unambiguous AL - April 9th 2003 on the issue; "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town" boils down to a thin aphorism "Hearts and thoughts they fade away" ; the anti- police "W.

On VitalogyVedder tones down his anomie in favor of lyrics about insects, albums, romance and aging, but he still fills the disc with vein-popping vocalizing of catchphrases with the odious potential to become guiding principles in high school corridors. Otherwise, the group's third album delivers the standard dose of blustery exertions "Last Exit," "Tremor Christ," "Whipping," "Immortality" and the tuneless frenzy of "Spin the Black Circle" and several songs of more intriguing merit.

On the other end of this uneven album, the seven-minute "Hey Foxymophandlemama, That's Me" unveils a surprising weakness for nonsensical tape collage. Ultimately, Vitalogy comes down to "Nothingman," a slow and tender minor-key waltz eulogizing a splintered romance. Displaying the restraint and subtlety so absent elsewhere, the group handsomely frames a fraught Vedder performance to achieve atmospheric folk-rock magnificence.

By resisting its instinctive bump and grind, Pearl Jam is revealed to be far more profound in the impact of Johannes Brahms – Cleveland Orchestra*, Christoph von Dohnányi - Symphonie Nr.

3 F-Dur, Op. 90 / Tra whisper than a scream. Inthe group issued :a deluxe repackaging of Vs. The band embraces these noble, quiet moments more frequently on No Codean unfocused yet rich song-cycle in which Pearl Jam attempts to shake off the grunge era. With timekeeping by ex-Chili Pepper drummer Jack Irons the man who introduced Vedder to his future bandmates, by the waythe group still delivers Small Town - Pearl Jam - Birmingham hard-rockisms, but only the pounding "Hail, Hail," for better or worse, follows the old blueprint.

With Gossard stretching his vocal cords so to speak: Sometimes When We Touch - Barry Manilow - Barry Manilow 5-6 guitarist makes J Mascis sound like Freddie Mercury on the generic Small Town - Pearl Jam - Birmingham "Mankind," No Code is a grabbag of possibilities, but inconsistency is what gives it life.

Just as the titles Vs. After a Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka - Herbert von Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker, Émile Waldteufel*, Jean Sibeli legal battle with Ticketmaster that resulted in haphazard tours, and the halfhearted public response to No Code 's oblique charms, Pearl Jam stopped being righteous and started getting real.

Sort of. In the tense "No Way," Vedder professes, "I'll stop trying to make a difference," but then adds a quick "no way" to reassure fans that everything is right with the universe.

Manic metal-garage riffs roam free in "Do the Evolution," "Brain of J. No matter. In the end, with unobtrusive Lord, Oh Lord, I Believe - Various - Holy Spirit - Spiritual Soul & Gospel Funk From Shreveports Je like "MFC" and "In Hiding" filling the grooves, no other Pearl Jam album asks for so little yet offers so much.

After successfully flouting, then embracing, career- rocker nichedom, Pearl Jam boiled down their heroic hard rock into a thick slash 'n' hum that could appeal to no one but the already-converted. Binaural boasts a sturdy and occasionally threatening sound, but too much of it is unpleasant to hear and quickly forgettable.

The album starts strong, Vedder's death rattle ushering in former Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron's propulsion in the pumped-up "Breakerfall", but nothing else here matches that intensity.

Likewise, the mix buries Vedder's commanding presence, leaving his words completely unattainable. If not for the seemingly insignificant "Soon Forget," a brief interlude with Ed and his ukulele, Binaural would Зубы На Асфальте - Мизантропъ* - Время under its own weight. Pearl Jam's murky, downbeat future solidified on Riot Actan even bigger bummer than Binaural.

Aside from the soaring chorus of "I Am Mine" and the delicate country pacing of "Thumbing My Way," there is very little to enjoy here. Of course, all this means nothing in the larger context of Pearl Jam's career. Seattle's proudest can fall back on their meticulous anti-image and unswerving conviction until the music comes 'round again.

And, hopefully, it will. The equivalent of a Pearl Jam yard sale, Lost Dogs is an exemplary collection of B-sides, compilation cuts and unreleased tracks. Want live, they got it. Besides boldly releasing "official" bootlegs of nearly shows from two world tours, the group has Live on Two Legsa strong set from '98 that ends with Neil Young's "Fuckin' Up.

The trio's self-titled debut goes from slow Small Town - Pearl Jam - Birmingham drone-like "Solitude" to medium-paced and drone-like "Song for Small Town - Pearl Jam - Birmingham Dead Girl"but the touches Small Town - Pearl Jam - Birmingham otherworldly folk in "Intelligent Small Town - Pearl Jam - Birmingham and whiny tribal-rock in "Silence at the Bottom" Jane's Addiction, anyone?

The second Three Fish release, The Quiet Tableis drenched in dippy hippie-dew, a point made more apparent by the mystical gobbledygook in "Shiva and the Astronaut" and "Myth of Abdou. The Rockfords, McCready's side project, features three members of Goodness, including singer Carrie Akre who also fronted Hammerbox back when grunge was just another name for dirt. The group's likable debut works best when it's energetic and poppy "Adelaide" or corny and country "Silver Lining", "Distress"but not so much when it tries to rock the house with uncomfortable funk "Flashes".

The Rockfords' double-disc concert release contains all of the first album's songs minus "Riverwide" and five other live tracks, the best being "Do It," an indie-pop barnstormer with a guitar solo straight from the Allman Brothers' catalog.

Aside from his work with the rock combo Brad, Gossard filled a little time with Bayleafa dull solo album that's a little bit creepy "Fits," "Hellbent"a little bit sleepy "Anchors" and a little bit reggae!? Louis, Missouri April 22 Epic St.


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  5. In the end, with unobtrusive gems like "MFC" and "In Hiding" filling the grooves, no other Pearl Jam album asks for so little yet offers so much. After successfully flouting, then embracing, career- rocker nichedom, Pearl Jam boiled down their heroic hard rock into a thick slash 'n' hum that could appeal to no one but the already-converted.
  6. Small Town Chords by Pearl Jam. Learn to play guitar by chord / tabs using chord diagrams, transpose the key, watch video lessons and much more.

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