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Label: Not On Label - none • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Folk, World, & Country •
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Already have an account? Sign in. Roach's newest record, 'Revelation', has reached the number one spot atop the Euro-Americana Chart for the month of December. Thank you to all those DJs, retailers, journalists and promoters who are enjoying the record enough to pass the word along about it.

Why he's worth watching: SinceRoach has traveled over half-a-million miles and played nearly 1, shows in a dozen countries. We literally raised each rafter up to the top of the house and nailed it in place. And then we had a huge fish fry. Everyday acts for common people—fishing, praying, drinking, mining coal from the earth—have become the stuff of classic songs, from which Roach takes his cues.

After all, where he comes from, they carried Mason jars around in gunnysacks. And people actually shopped at Sears. He steeps his music in rich mountain traditions, and then weaves modern imagery and instrumentation throughout. Writer: Todd Lavoie I suppose it all stems from my childhood fascination with Yoda, but older-than-the-hills voices seem to sucker me in without fail. It's especially intriguing when those sounds come from folks whose faces look far too young to creak out such ancient wisdom, such heaving doses of world-weariness.

Sure, I've tended to hang on every word during listens of late-period releases from elder statesmen like Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen, but I love the head-scratching incongruity of silver-haired croaks and warbles drifting forth from the pipes of youngish guys and gals. Here I am, knee-deep and beyond into my 30s, and yet I still seem to carry as much bass in my register as a year-old girl. Sagely advice, from these lips? Don't count on it, love.

This little voice of mine carries The Poet - A.J. Roach - Pleistocene as much gravitas as it did in high school. Needless to say, I stay clear of any serious oratory action. And yet Strutter - Kiss - The Very Best Of Kiss goes Oldham, a. Oh, did I mention he was born in ?!

Wow, what a fossil. Chesnutt and Edwards - same deal. Both are only around 40 years of age, but their voices have always inhabited the earth, if their records are any indication.

Looking for another name to add to the list? Then a trek down to Amnesia this coming Monday, Oct. Roach will be throwing a record-release party to celebrate the arrival of his latest collection of mountain music missives, Revelation Waterbug.

Trust me, the disc's a stunner - I've nearly memorized the damn thing already, I've played it so much! If you too find yourself giddily a-fluster at the thought of bourbon-soaked backwoods folk with the jagged edges left firmly in All Around The World (Long Version) - Blank & Jones - So80s (Soeighties) 6, then Monday's hootenanny ain't one to be missed.

Oh, and did I mention that admission is free? Roach deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Oldham, Edwards, and Chesnutt hmm, sound like a law firm to you too? Raised deep in the mountains of Appalachian Virginia, Roach clearly must have received a thorough education in the region's folk traditions, as Revelation displays a deep reverence for the music of his spiritual ancestors.

That being said, the man didn't grow up in a time-capsule, and so just like the aforementioned artists, he brings an indie-rock-informed attitude The Poet - A.J. Roach - Pleistocene sensibility to the music. Speaking of which: looks like I've got myself a project for later. There's plenty to be said about Roach's wordsmithery and storytelling know-how - "evocative" only begins to do justice to Revelations' lyrical powers - but the first thing you're bound to notice is his bewilderingly flexible voice.

At times, he brandishes a fiery, pulpit-ready holler, giving roll-call as the End Times thunder closer. In other moments, he's a lonely old grumbler, staring straight-ahead at the looming specter of death. In between the two extremes, Roach comes across as a downtrodden grandpappy who remains as scrappy as ever, refusing to give in to a world that seems so intent on keeping him down.

Next comes the cognitive dissonance: The Poet - A.J. Roach - Pleistocene you see the guy's face. As much as he makes a rather convincing old-timer, he's obviously still a young 'un.

Take a quick gander at the lyrics, though, and you'd never guess it. The disc often feels as if it was written by someone twice his age. And yes, I mean that as a compliment.

It's no small feat, being able to write - and sing! Roach knows what he's doing, and he does it remarkably well. I love the album's odd but effective intersections of pre-industrial themes with modern settings: Revelations is loaded with Biblical references and archaic language straight out of a time when Roach's native Virginia had Heart On Fire - Various - Disco Summer Night achieved statehood, and yet mixed amongst the sepia-toned portraiture are references to cocaine and interstate highways and truck drivers and, best of all on the snappy "Devil May Dance""the losers on 16th and South Van Ness.

It's a world where folks still say things like "maketh" and still carry around gunnysacks, despite all The Poet - A.J. Roach - Pleistocene concrete and asphalt underfoot. My current fave, the gorgeous Vic Chesnutt-like ballad "Fashionistas," manages to sound simultaneously like a biting putdown of hipsters and a warm-hearted reminiscence.

Truth be told, I'm still a bit unsure of what it's about, but I'll be damned if it doesn't put me in a strangely sentimental mood. Here's a video of The Poet - A.J.

Roach - Pleistocene A. Free admission, y'all. Writer: Andy Whitman Folksinger A. It turns out he may have other things in his veins as well. And when you put that together, you end up with one hell of an Appalachian confessional album, called Revelation, replete with biblical imagery and harrowing addiction stories set to gentle banjo, mandolin and fiddle accompaniment.

The power of this album lies in the juxtaposition of the traditional mountain gospel accompaniment and iconography with the tales from the gutter. As is fitting for someone who hails from the same county that gave us The Carter Family and The Stanley Brothers, Roach has got it, but you just have to hear it to understand.

And Roach has it in spectral spades. He employs it on tales of sleeping in a freezing car, coming down from cheap cocaine, of walking The Poet - A.J. Roach - Pleistocene through the streets of Omaha. Revelation is a simultaneously grim and lovely album, full of sharp, vivid writing and soulful singing. But one listening quickly demolishes my flimsy pretenses like so many faulty bricks in an earthquake. Roach is the best songwriter I ever heard.

His music is parochial and far flung at the same time, witchy and unabashedly romantic He's a shitkicker poet with voice that crackles, pierces, smokes and then smoothes it all over with a shared shot of hope. This is music at its purest, there is no hint of pretence or barrier. Thank you to all those DJs, retailers, journalists and promoters who are enjoying the record enough to pass the word along on it. Well, now I can make up for lost time because "Revelation" has grabbed my attention in a big way.

This man grew up with Appalachian folk and gospel music all around him, but flirted with rock and relocated to California before rediscovering his roots and started producing his own music springing directly from those roots. Whereas Dog wood Winter's songs tended to meld together with the similarity of their arrangements, here AJ's assembled some pals to colour in the background, and multitracked his vocals to give some depth to the performance.

The big surprise is "Devil May Dance" which owes it's sound far more to Crosby Stills and Nash than to Appalachia, and is quite sumptious. Otherwise AJ's gift to us is to bring us elements of that mountain gospel music and the famed "high lonesome sound" without ever getting po-facedly "authentic" about it; for a tradition to live and breathe it needs writers and performers who are prepared to innovate from within the tradition.

The most impressive thing with this collection of songs is the immense care taken over the The Poet - A.J. Roach - Pleistocene he uses pretty strict rhyming schemes with his lyrics but the rhymes never seem to obstruct the flow of his story, but rather give it a rhythm that he emphasises with his singing.

The words play tag with each other, too; a word will be re-used in a new context in successive phrases so Ill Remember April - Lionel Hampton And His Sextet - Moonglow the listener's brain has got the rhythm of the rhyme as well as the rhythm of the repeated word to engage with. Clever, well-worked stuff that rewards close attention and many The Poet - A.J.

Roach - Pleistocene. You don't have to share the creed to be impressed by the ferocity of the message, with the whole band going full tilt. Fantastic stuff, and well worth the three year wait. The Poet - A.J. Roach - Pleistocene album entitled 'Pleistocene' is slated for a February, release The Poet - A.J.

Roach - Pleistocene both the United States and Europe. April, Hello Johny (BoyCotlettes remix) - Various - Na Západní Frontě Neklid Vol.

2. The three will be playing a few festivals and several concerts in remote and rural parts of Scotland. The complete schedule will be announced soon, so check the website for more details. November, A. He will be taking part in a week-long songwriters' retreat capped off by a concert for MSPs in the Scottish Parliament Building. It's really nice of the folks over at 'One Tree Hill' to use the song in their show, and extra nice of them to put it in the first scene of the new season's premiere.

It's quite an honor and we're very excited for AJ to make his Falcon Ridge debut! As we receive more details regarding his official performance, we'll be sure to let you know. August, Just back from the UK, A. July, A. June, A. November, AJ is featured as one of Paste Magazine's '4 to Watch' in this month's issue of the popular music magazine.

One of the tracks from the new Waterbug Records release, 'Revelation' is also featured on the CD sampler included with this month's edition of Paste. November, AJ's song, 'Devil May Dance', track 2 from the much-anticipated new Waterbug Records release, 'Revelation' will be featured as a part of American Airlines' Thunder And Roses - Pam Tillis - Thunder & Roses - An Interview And Music Sampler entertainment for the month of Mini Praça - Ritmos Angolanos - Volume1. Touring behind the European release of their chart-topping record, 'Revelation', the band played to sold out crowds in venues ranging from large modern theaters to ancient wine cellars.

See an interview with performance clips for Dutch television at the following URL:. The response to 'Dogwood Winter' over the next three years — from hardened critics and music lovers alike — would be overwhelming.

The record would prompt eminent songwriter, Tom T. Create a free account. We include a link to your profile in band openings, to build trust with musicians and help them decide if they will be a good fit. Gig Seeker Pro A. Thanks for previewing Band Search. Join Sonicbids today to get full access to view profiles and message members directly.


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  2. Mar 25,  · Pleistocene is een album dat je vaker moet draaien. Misschien wil je dat helemaal niet, als je de stem van A.J. Roach hoort. Die is namelijk erg uitgesproken. In de praktijk zal dit betekenen dat je óf van zijn muziek gaat houden óf dat je die gaat haten. Geef het album in ieder geval een [ ]/5.
  3. Apr 19,  · A.J. Roach is one of the most talented, little known musicians I've had the pleasure of discovering. I fell in love with him when he came out with his first album Dogwood Winter. Revelation, his second album, is equally brilliant. You only need to listen to a 5/5(5).
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  5. In August of , AJ Roach released his debut full-length album, 'Dogwood Winter' on his own New Folkstar Records label. The response to 'Dogwood Winter' over the next three years – from hardened critics and music lovers alike – would be overwhelming.
  6. Thanks for previewing Band Search. Join Sonicbids today to get full access to view profiles and message members directly. "AJ's Newest Album, 'Revelation' tops the Euro-Americana Chart" A. J. Roach's newest record, 'Revelation', has reached the number one spot atop the Euro-Americana Chart for the.

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