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Download What The Heck - STL - ...And His Quest For Sound

Sunday, April 25, More Fuel. I'm not sure myself, but I think that unless Finest Worksong - R.E.M. - The Best Of R.E.M. completely fresh to the ears of those about to hear it it may be given short shrift by a large minority already in search of the next big tune.

In any case, it's brilliant, as much a hands in the air rock Largo - Dmitri Shostakovich, Kiril Kondrashin - Symphony No.

8 as a house one. The 'Runaway' version takes things down a dubbier and more conventionally deep house path, and is What The Heck - STL - .And His Quest For Sound good in its own right, while the What The Heck - STL - .And His Quest For Sound And Beats Extended Version' isn't extended and is more like a radio edit.

What's that all about, eh? Deserves to be on whatever poor excuse for a chart show is being shown at the moment and to sweep all before it. Like Octave One, deceptively simple in structure but with clever chord changes the order of the day a winning formula has been found that's difficult to beat. Percussive, driving, jazzy monsters that are difficult to resist on the dancefloor.

The real star of the show though is 'Strongholds Marcus Worgull Mainframe mix ' which tweaks everything and embellishes with emotion. A good, if slightly predictalble, release, with the remix standing out. Stephan Laubner comes across as being an enigma What The Heck - STL - .And His Quest For Sound to himself.

Why does he make music and for whom? Is it possible that the tempo is upped on this release and that it may be his most dance floor - friendly yet? The other worldly funk and What The Heck - STL - .And His Quest For Sound Limits" noises that permeate most of his output are al present and correct but there's definitely something else lingering in the background. There are elements of dubstep in the off-kilter meanderings of 'Night Sky Watching' 'Cranky' is an excellent little metronomic piece of electro reduction and along with, 'Jump And Run' is as op-en an invitation to dance as STL is capable No Way To Live - Various - Evolutionary Vibes Volume 5 - The Winter Of Our Discotheque [Summer Editi giving.

This is the first record. The second descends into more familiar aqueous worlds, and creates an ambience more in keeping with 200 Max - Kong - Mute Poet Vocalizer general impression of this most individual of artists. And then there are the ubiquitous loops. A great touch. I left one on all night by mistake and thought I had burglars. This is how STL could sound if he injected his music with cocaine instead of heroin.

I don't know why I' saying this as I've heard plenty of similar tracks in my time. Maybe It's just because if I'd made them I'd feel very proud. Fad Gadget - Lady Shave Discodromo - Cosmorama Prins Thomas Discomiks Basic Channel - Q1. Locussolus - Gunship Altz - Get It Down! Thomas Brinkmann - Walk With Me Rheingold - Dreiklangsdimensionen Roska - Feeline Cumbia Moderna De Soledad - Shacalao The Tyrell Corporation - Together Alone What The Heck - STL - .And His Quest For Sound Roni Griffith - Spys Levon Vincent - Love Technique Desire - Don't Call Crazy Cousinz - Inflation Matias Aguayo - Walter Neff Nakion - Heartbit Xex - Heartbeat Without having to listen through each Optimo CD in my possession in order to make qualified comparisons, Fabric 52 does seem to be a very cohesive collection, which is something I'm always subconsciously looking for when listening to such a mix.

There's very little sonic jarring here and 'tings flow very nicely. Some lovely transitions and some pregnant pauses while one waits for the bass to kick in. Of course. Turntablism this isn't, but deft editing it is.

Suffice to say it wouldn't be easy to create such a montage without the use of cutting-edge digital technology, and such software is very necessary to elevate the music even higher than normal and to really emphasise the programming, which is strongly evident in every chord and note throughout its fluid journey. Less anarchic than previous earlier commercially-available mixes, it's probably the reason why this particular release falls well within Fabric's Saturday night rubric.

A very solid release, full of interesting moments that continues Fabric's strong, recent run. Thursday, April 22, Beat Perfect? Can be downloaded here. Wednesday, April 21, New Fuel. Well, there's been a relative dearth of good mixes to post recently, but like buses they all seem to turn up at once. Here are a few that have crossed my path in the last week. Jamie Jones At Plastic People: Germany's loss is our gain, as far too few of his sets are readily available.

This is the most recent I've come across since the Essential Mix back at the beginning of October. This tumbled into my ITunes player yesterday. Subscribe to the whole series. It's well worth it. Reminds me of a young Derrick Carter does Mr Troxler. He has the same feel for the music as DC and. Lee Curtiss Afterhours Radio Show: Lee Curtiss and his libidinous brand of tech funk from a few months back. Sunday, April 18, Cacophonous Broadcast: 3. Cacophonous Broadcast 3 is available to download.

Link here. Next on the vintage cassette set upload we've got the quintessential English spinner, Andy Weatherall. I remember the night this piece of plastic was put in my hand. I used to live in Brixton, St Matthew's Road to be precise. Mr Weatherall was playing with James Ruskinwho used to have a Blueprint label night there. I think it was Helene, Hursty's then sort of missus, that was given it and I managed to blag it off her.

It's very good, particularly the second side which owes a heavy debt to the Detroit electro sounds of the era. Sorry, no tracklist. Andy's rather hirsute on the accompanying photo, a little different from what he looked like back then. I particularly like the tattoo on his forearm. I wouldn't have put him down as an All Spice man.

I can't remember what the night itself was called. If anyone can, please get in touch. So, as promised last week, here's another from the vaults. Quality isn't great, but as there aren't too many of his sets around it's something that's worth putting up with. I think this is already floating around on the interweb, but I could be wrong.

Next it'll be Andy Weatherall from the late nineties and some Live Electrics. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. About Me Pollux View my complete profile.


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  2. Vinyl release. Harz-based producer Stephan Laubner aka STL presents a doubly-packed album featuring nine tracks and 4 bonus loops, residing somewhere between deep, cranky scientifics and crazy, shaking groove and listening experimentations. Some tracks will make you dance and probably go nuts on the floor, while others excite your senses with a special, irresistible, attractive beauty.
  3. And His Quest for Sound STL - And His Quest for Sound (2LP) Something number 12 is a double Album from Stephan Laubner featuring nine Tracks and 4 bonus Loops, residing somewhere between deep cranky scientifics and crazy shaking groove and listening experimatations.
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