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Label: Follow That Dream Records - 8287676961-2,RCA - 8287676961-2,Sony BMG Music Entertainment - 8287676961-2 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: Europe • Genre: Rock, Blues, Pop, Stage & Screen • Style: Pop Rock
Download Trying To Get To You - Elvis* - Southern Nights

Review by Ken Jensen. S Track Huntsville, June 1 E. S Track Mobile, June 2 E. S Track 21, Huntsville, May 31 E. All are taken from soundboard recordings, and the sound quality varies a bit from venue to venue.

The difference in sound is mainly due to different sound setup. Some - especially the April, and early May recordings - focus mainly on Elvis' vocal and piano, while the June recordings have a more complete focus.

These June soundboards are in general of very high quality sound Psychodelic Vision - Cypress Hill - Music Box. The idea of putting together such a CD, instead of releasing a complete concert, might not be so silly. I have noticed that some don't like it at all, while others simply love it.

In general I'm not too happy with a dog in every village, but in this case I think it is a good idea. Elvis fans have had the chance to listen to a total of 16 more or less complete soundboard recordings from the tours in focus on this CD. Another one wouldn't have hurt, for sure - and I believe another complete concert will be released eventually - but a CD containing some of the highlights is a nice substitute.

In other words I like it, but at the same time I hope it will not be a habit. In general a complete concert is the real McCoy, no doubt about that! First out was disc 4 on the Las Vegas box-setfeaturing different songs from Las Vegas in August The other one was Spring Tours. I have always liked Elvis in Some of my favorite CD's contain material from this year. In March Elvis was more focused on singing than for a long time. In April, however some of the focus had Trying To Get To You - Elvis* - Southern Nights lost, but Elvis still sounded happy and joyful on stage.

On many songs you can hear that Elvis is a bit short-winded. Still, this doesn't affect his ability to hit the right notes. Before I comment the songs featured on this CD, it is necessary to say some words about the person s patching together this material. He or she certainly must be inexperienced or perhaps have very Trying To Get To You - Elvis* - Southern Nights hands.

Then after a few tenths of a second it is cut and Download a sample of the original edits hereand a suggestion to better edits here. Southern Nights contain several strong performances, and even some rare moments. Elvis continued to sing this song in the original high key Anaturally more difficult for him in than in the 50's.

Even this "rare" for early Taken at a slower pace than in and what would be standard later on, the song comes out very fine, in my opinion! Performed 4 or 5 times inthis version from ร้อน - รวมศิลปิน อัลบั้ม - Hula Hula is fair. It is said that Elvis didn't like to sing 'Burning Love'. This theory has been supported several times and this CD has two strong indications of this to be a fact. First Elvis states that he would like to sing 'Heartbreak Hotel' on the "Burning Love spot", then later he screws up big-time, forgetting the lyrics on the opening bars of 'Burning Love'.

Between these two cuts, Elvis performs 'Release Me', rarely done at this time. The song lost its power already after February !

Today's performance is just a dull country song, in my view. Total commitment and a strong vocal delivery make it a fantastic version. This is taken from the concert where Elvis quite annoyingly shouts out to the security guards: " You can hear that it is a happy man singing on stage. Only versions from March beat this one.

Lively also applies for 'Jambalaya', before three cuts from the tour opener in Macon follows. These are all good deliveries, but the dull mix destroys the total impression. Almost only Elvis, Kathy and the piano can be heard!

Actually the band struggle more with this song than Elvis himself. Anyway, before second verse it is time to end it! Not everyday! The CD ends with three quite rare performances for First out is 'For The Good Times'. Often when Elvis sang songs he did not perform regularly he went back to the original arrangement, mainly a slower one. This is a song I believe Elvis could have accomplished even during sleep. That said, Warrior - Thin Lizzy - Live And Dangerous sings a powerful version in Huntsville!

A nice, well-paced version of 'I'm Leavin'' concludes this CD. A nice addition to a generally good release from FTD.

Except from some very clumsy editing work, this CD ranks high in my collection of Follow That Dream outings. This last one is neither rare nor outstanding for Even if 'How Great Thou Art' was regularly performed ina version from spring has not yet been done available officially. Even more, 'How Great Thou Art' is a piece of great music, while 'Little Darlin'' merely is a funny inclusion to the set list! After the Aloha Special in Januarythe quality of Elvis' live performances really started to become consistently erratic for the first time.

The same stage routine and increase in drug dependency as well as other issues contributed to the decline of his stage show. While Trying To Get To You - Elvis* - Southern Nights continued to suffer from depression, gain weight and become more reliant on prescription medication, there certainly was more of a consistent spark in his live performing in FTD continues its look into Elvis' live Trying To Get To You - Elvis* - Southern Nights in with the newly released "Southern Nights" compilation.

FTD has done a solid job compiling highlights from his late-spring and early-summer shows on "Southern Nights". While many fans would prefer one or two complete shows from this era in place of a compilation, for the time being, this current release will have to do. Some fans had voiced their concerns that there would be issues with the sound quality of this title prior to its release, but surprisingly, the sound is full with nice clarity for soundboard recordings.

More importantly, Ernst Jorgensen has done a fine job of selecting a handful of quality performances. Elvis certainly had the ability to toss certain songs away on stage as the 70's went on, so in some ways it is nice to get a CD which contains a lot of focused recordings. In lateElvis tended to be over-medicated and his voice thin and sometimes weak. Insome of that great power, fullness and passion finally returned to Elvis' voice adding a boost to the Elvis Presley stage show.

Elvis is obviously enjoying himself during 'Blue Suede Shoes,' but it is slightly tossed away. The most baffling inclusion has to be the ridiculous 'Little Darlin''. Everyone knows Elvis loved performing this tune, but it isn't 小川範子* - 無実の罪 the version included on this CD is some brilliant version. For the most part, all the music on "Southern Nights" is well performed, so it seems odd that Ernst felt 'Little Darlin'' added any value to this new release of mostly high quality music.

FTD is off to a good start in Some collectors may find "Southern Nights" not completely essential listening since some of the material is available on previously released bootlegs, but for fans who get most of their rare live material from FTD, this release is a welcomed edition. FTD has shown that was indeed a strong year for Elvis on stage. It certainly wasn't in the league of his work from a level of energy and consistency, but a lot of the music showcased on "Southern Nights" still has that magical quality.

I think he's way off base here. The sound varies from date to date, from poor to good. Overall it is mediocre.

Some tracks are nothing more than Elvis and Glen D. There are no bass, no Trying To Get To You - Elvis* - Southern Nightsand no James Burton during the first three tracks. Then comes the most dull 'Steamroller Blues' I've heard to date.

There is no punch in it. Crister Berge, a fellow reviewer, thinks Elvis sounds drugged. I couldn't agree more. During the evening show in Huntsville, June 1, Elvis attempts 'Burning Love' but can't remember the lyrics! He is clearly stoned, which is evident from the way he talks. Andy Urias can't understand why Ernst chose to include 'Little Darlin''. The answer is obvious; Ernst wanted to put together Elvis's recent material on this CD.

A good decision. Southern Nights is a companion to Dixieland Rocks and was supposed to show Elvis's vast repertoire at the time, featuring songs that were not on Dixieland Rocks.

Nevertheless, a compilation is a compilation, which in plain English is tantamount to short-changing the fans. A complete or near complete concert is always preferable to a compilation. The obvious exception is Spring Tours '77because Felton Jarvis never recorded any of the shows in their entirety, only selected songs. Southern Nights is a middle of the road release.

It's average in every respect. What's worse, it misses three essential songs.


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  1. You can identify the counterfeit CD on the missing mould code. Also the printing of the front- and backcover is a little bit cropped. Also the printing of the front- and backcover is a little bit cropped.
  2. 2. SOUTHERN NIGHTS (Review by Andy Urias) Many Elvis Presley fans feel was a return to form for Elvis. After the Aloha Special in January , the quality of Elvis' live performances really started to become consistently erratic for the first time.
  3. The core of ‘Southern Nights’ however is the 12 tracks from the sensational Huntsville Opening concerts. As The Huntsville Times reported Elvis Extravaganza Shows. ‘Swivel Hips’ is still on Top. If you were there, you can understand that trying to tell the experience in words is like trying to ad lib a volcano.
  4. Jan 06,  · The Follow that Dream release "Southern Nights" is a solid representation of the highlights from that tour, eschewing the more tired oldies for lesser played fare, including strong performances of "It's Now or Never," "Trying to Get to You," "Bridge Over Troubled Water," and /5(3).
  5. Jan 19,  · Elvis Presley - Southern Nights - No. 50 In The FTD Collection 11 - Trying To Get To You 12 - You Gave Me A Mountain Elvis Presley video-4 SONGS from LOVING YOU in .

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